THe Coming

November 27 - December 23, 2016

The Advent season is a time to remember the coming of Jesus. In this series, we'll revisit the story of His coming and discover truths about the relentless and intentional love of God.



September 25 - November 20, 2016

We see the need. We know Jesus is the answer. And we want to help. But how? In this series, we'll uncover the keys to a life that is intentionally lived to reach those who are far from God.


August 14 - September 11, 2016

Throughout the book of John, Jesus makes declarations about Himself using the phrase "I Am" followed by a metaphor expressing His saving relationship towards us. In this series, we will go deeper into His "I Am" statements to gain a greater understanding of who He says He is in our lives.


July 10 - 24, 2016

Our thought life affects everything. The choices we make are dependent upon what is in our minds. To a very large degree, the condition of our life at this very moment is the end result of how we've been thinking. The good news is, God is on a mission to change the way we think.

Word Power

June 12 - 26, 2016

Words have the power to hurt or to heal. They have the power to discourage or to inspire. They can hinder the purpose of a group of people, or they can propel a vision forward. The Bible tells us that words can release death or impart life. In this series, we'll take a fresh look at the power of words and how our words can become a force for good.

Guest Speaker

Winning Within

May 8 - 28, 2016

The thing that keeps us from the abundant life Jesus promised is not "out there" or "those people" or "that circumstance." It's within. It's that thing we just have to have, the relationship that makes us crazy, the ambition that controls our thoughts, the fear we can't seem to shake. But there's something we can do to win the battle within.


March 6 - May 1, 2016

Every group of relationships has an environment... family, workplace, school, church. Like soil, the environment can be rich, poor or toxic, or anywhere in between. And just as soil can be improved by adding the right nutrients, relational environments are positively impacted as we live out the five foundational values we'll discover in this series.

empowered for life

February 7 - 28, 2016

Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Promise of the Father, the One who would clothe His followers "with power from on high”. To the early church, He was the Living Reality of God's Presence in everyday life, the secret to an empowered life. In this series, we'll revisit what the Bible tells us about this Promise... and remind ourselves that we, too, have been empowered for life. 


the gospel

January 3 -31, 2016

The Bible tells us to be ready to answer those who ask us why we've placed our hope in Jesus. But if we're honest, we often don't feel ready or qualified. In this series, we'll revisit the gospel to firm up our confidence and allow the Holy Spirit to stir our hearts afresh. 

School of the word

The Book of Revelation

May 8 - November 6, 2016

At first sight, the book of Revelation may seem complicated, but stripped down you will see the message is clear. It is about the unveiling of Jesus Christ and the mysteries being revealed. In this teaching, Alan Smith guides us in simplifying Revelation to truly get the meaning of what God is trying to tell us. Alan introduces the idea of two patterns to help us understand this book; dividing it into three times of past, present, and future and the mystery of the sevens. It is in using those as we explore Revelation that our application of scripture increases and our understanding of its symbols improves. We will move deeper into thinking like the spirit writes it. Each lesson of this teaching is designed to open our eyes to what God wants us to know and enlightening us to the fact that we are here on earth being prepared for a day when He is coming.

THE book of hebrews

November 15, 2015 - April 24, 2016

A bible study about the book of Hebrews.